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Hollywood being nostalgic again! Terminator Dark Fate & Rambo Last Blood – No one asked for these

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Billions of Dollars were made by Disney and Marvel and ultimately James Cameron not only hasn’t made a movie since Avatar. He seems to have got the buzz after seeing all the money Disney and Marvel are making

After 10 years thinkinking about a groundbreaking story, he is bringing the Terminator…again! With Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, and of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is this a real goodbye like Terminator 5?

Not only Terminator but Rambo: Last Blood comes out later this year and will hopefully be the last of the series as it is time for these franchises let some other directors eat for fuck sakes!

TerminatorDarkFate #RamboLastBlood

Check out the current Box Office rankings –

Terminator:Dark Fate –

Rambo: Last Blood –

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